• God’s Grace – The Greatest Free Gift of All Time

    God’s Grace – The Greatest Free Gift of All Time

    A detective once told me that money, power, and relationships account for the motive in almost all of the crimes he has encountered. The first two, and possibly a part of the third, can be explained by simple greed. People want to own more worldly stuff or to be able to control more of it.… Read more

  • Metamorphosis and Monarch Butterflies Demonstrate the Glory of God

    Metamorphosis demonstrates the Glory of God’s design. The life cycle of the monarch butterfly adds further detail. Read more

  • If God Is In Control, Does It Matter What I Do?

    Just how much control does God have over our daily lives? It might be helpful to take a look at the Bible, God’s handbook for living, to help us decide. This post is based on the five main points from a message on this topic by Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church… Read more

  • The Disappearance of the Need for Truth

    Truth, can be defined as “That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.”[1] The Merriam Webster dictionary defines Truth, with a capital “T”, as “a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality.”[2] In this modern age we are not short of things to do or activities to fill each day. The ubiquitous smartphone provides… Read more

  • Becoming a Christian: A Single Moment That Lasts for the Rest of Your Life (and After)

    Before I became a Christian, I had no idea what it meant. I did not understand that it would lead to a whole new way of life; something that would impact just about everything I do, and even the way I think. My earlier ignorance assumed that Christianity, or any other religion, was simply a… Read more

  • Intelligent Design Versus Naturalism

    A Little Learning . . The saying “A little learning is a dangerous thing” may be proving true for proponents of naturalism. The constant and inexorable march of growing scientific knowledge is changing our understanding of the origins of life and the universe and now casts strong doubt over many assumptions made by scientists over… Read more