• The Human Database of Information – Part 2

    Part 1 of this blog described the amazing amount of expertly-designed digital information that is held within the human body. Part 2 outlines the existence of multiple forms of human data and their embedded communication processes, all working together to allow a human body to adapt to different environments. More Than One Form of Data… Read more

  • The Human Database of Information – Part 1

    As a member of the human race, each and every one of us is a huge, walking library of exquisitely-crafted information. Large Amounts of Data (Thirty Trillion DVDs) in each Human Body Each human being is effectively a repository of a huge amount of data, and scientists are now beginning to discover the nature of… Read more

  • Thoughts on Interaction Between the Physical World and the Spiritual Realm

    Living in the physical world, our physical senses (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) and sensitivities are constantly bombarded by physical stimuli, so it is not surprising that many of us consider the physical realm to be the sum of mankind’s existence. If you take the time to look, however, there is ample evidence of… Read more

  • Does God Exist? And Why It Is Really Important to Know For Sure – Part 2

    Our Environment Is Finely Tuned for Us If the absence of physical explanations for important aspects of our lives acts as negative evidence that points towards the existence of God, there is plenty of positive evidence for His existence also. A mathematical examination of the finely-tuned-for-life nature of so many of the conditions that make up our… Read more

  • Does God Exist? And Why It Is Really Important to Know For Sure – Part 1

    Christianity, if true, is of infinite importance I have been a Christian for 15 years but spent the first 55 years of my life without giving much serious thought to religious or spiritual matters. Now, I know better. I agree with author C. S. Lewis when he states, “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true,… Read more

  • The Mission, The Faith, and the Fate of the Apostles

    This post looks at what happened to the disciples after Jesus left: their mission, the extent of their faith, and their deaths. Read more