Does God Exist? And Why It Is Really Important to Know For Sure – Part 1

Christianity, if true, is of infinite importance

I have been a Christian for 15 years but spent the first 55 years of my life without giving much serious thought to religious or spiritual matters. Now, I know better. I agree with author C. S. Lewis when he states, “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”

Jesus Christ in heaven

If God does exist, and Jesus Christ is His Son, then all that Jesus tells us is true. In particular, His words about how, after this life on Earth, we can have a glorious eternal future with Him, instead of a miserable one without, should be our no-argument, must-follow, guidelines for living. After all, an 80-year or so lifetime on Earth is of little consequence when compared with eternity. Hence the tag line of this blog, encompassing my guidelines for earthly living, He rules, not me; His rules, not mine.

Conversely, if Jesus was not who He said He was, then all that He said and that which was written about Him would be false and could be totally disregarded. Now that I understand how these two widely different scenarios are the only two possible, I look back with some shame at my many decades of lukewarm indifference. I should have at least taken the time to check out the basics of each position.

If each of us, individually, is to comprehend the existence of God, we need to know the answers to two very important and fundamental questions: (1) Is there a God? and (2) Is the Christian God the one true God? A negative response to the first question would remove the need for the second so my initial focus will be on the former, which is addressed in this two-part blog. The second will be covered in a later blog.

Infinite distance and the beginning of time

Our physical realm consists of three spatial dimensions plus time. Atheists believe that the physical realm is all there is, and hence a God who lives outside of this realm cannot exist. For me, however, there are two aspects of physical life on Earth that steadfastly resist any practical physical explanation and therefore point to the existence of something more. Even before I became a Christian, I struggled with understanding how the physical world could explain the two concepts of infinite distance and the beginning of time.

Nothing Is Infinite in the Physical World

The word “infinite” is a label which we apply to immeasurably huge, limitless, quantities and is frequently used in many areas of mathematics and in life in general. While it is a useful, easy-to-use label, the simple word hides the huge complexity behind it, and the mathematical properties of this label just do not work in the physical world. For example, if I have an infinite amount of apples, and give you half, the result is that we both have an infinite amount of apples. This outcome totally defies common sense, as well as the law of conservation of matter and energy. An infinite distance has no boundaries, and yet everything in our physical world has a beginning and an end. So once again, infinity just cannot be explained within our physical realm. Another quantity that must have had a beginning is time itself. Before that, or possibly outside of that, must exist an alternative dimension of time, which supports an agent capable of creating our own temporal dimension.

Physical and spiritual realms

If there are clear examples of quantities that cannot be explained by the laws of nature and our own physical realm of three dimensions plus time, then there must exist an alternative realm outside of our own. This may take the form of an extra dimension or even several dimensions. A fourth spatial dimension would be invisible to us except when it intersected with our own three dimensions. At these locations, it would support actions that transcend the physical and the alternative realms, such as the existence of miracles, the appearance of angels, and the virgin birth and ascension of Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I now understand this alternative realm to be a “spiritual” realm, where God and spirits reside, and which contains our future home in heaven.

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